Transnistria Tiraspol – Independence day celebrations.

Tiraspol is the second  biggest city in Moldova and the Capital of Transnistria, because Moldova do not recognize the existence of Transnistria and think of it a Moldova territory.

Transnitria is celebrating it’s independence day the 2. September. There is a military procession at 0900. And in Tiraspol they mean business celebrating Independence day. Everybody is out celebrating. Young as well as old. And they are celebrating extra hard, maybe because the state is surrounded by nations that do not recognize the existence of Transnistria. When under outside pressure people will tend to move closer together, like in war.

As a bonus, if you cannot make it the 2nd September, there is also a military parade at 9 may to commemorate victory day in the great patriotic war. This of cause make the ties to Russia pretty obvious.



It is a Fantastic event. There is a Barbie going on all over. Food from the whole region is displayed. And a lot of people get their photos taken with people in folk costumes. Later a big band was playing and the president made a speech. The securities tightens. Lots of singing and lots of drinking.  There is also a another article about Transnistria. Link below

Transnistria – A perfect little Soviet sattelite state

It is a wonderful day out. People are very interested in why tourists are coming to Tiraspol. It seems like this country is in some way under the radar of the international community. I didn’t know about the country before I went there.   It click all the boxes of originality and interest, The lack of tourist infrastructure make this a great visit.

Was invited many times to join in the celebration.  And as a tourist, you needed to adjust your conduct. Normally when somebody approaches you, the parades goes up. Normally because somebody wants something from you. In Transnistria this was never the case.

If you can make it to the independence day celebration, you are in for a special treat. If not, go anyway. It is a special community trapped in a time wrap.


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  1. Well. Been back again. This time I did a lot of video i will be posting when i get the time. We wanted to see the military procession. And it was great. So if you like this stuff like I do. You are in for a treat. I have like 4 post i need to do. One of kiew, one of Chrisinau and maybe 2 of transnistria. But i am busy at my new work so I do not have the energy. But hopefully it will be better eventually. Stay tuned… One love/Jaws

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