Shell Game Skopje Mecedonia

Well – Always been facinated by this game, that is all over the world. The profit must be quite good, as it take only a minute to realise, that the one doing the magic tricks is not alone in this scam. Most of the bystanders is into this game as well.  The bystanders will win some money and in this way draw the attention of the tourist. They will also try to make the tourist join. Maybe a lot of money will change hands. They are leading the bull to the slaughterhouse.

At first you maybe will win some money, when the bet is low. But as the bet increses suddently you ill not be that lucky. You will maybe think that you always has 1/3 chance of winning, but you will be wrong. What if the ball is not in the game at all, but somehere else? Then there is 100 pct. chance of losing.

You can better you chances by saying that you think that the ball is under one of the shells and then turning over the other two, leaving the one, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you want to play this game, do it for the fun of it and never for money you do not want to lose.

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