Kiev Ukraine – How to enjoy the city

Been in Kiev before. I like the city. There is a lot of green parks and all in all it is a pleasant town. What you do when you returning to a city is not the same as when you visit for the first time, so this post is what I like… So not a guide to the city. Kiev is a city of great contrast and there is a constant battle between new and old, make it a interesting stay. There are the enormous wealthy and the poor where everyday is a struggle to survive. And really. Who on earth needs a scull covert with diamonds…even fake ones.

I like the dancing in the park. I like the fact, that this have been going on even in the darker times. It seems like there is not many young people there, so maybe it will die out eventually. But it really seem that people are enjoying their day out. There is a live band and the weather was nice. Good to see that there is more to life than just work life.

They are not as energetic as they used to, but there still are something really nice about it. They taken the wife or go as a single if the spouse is no more, and just enjoy themselves. Put on their best clothes and let the fun start. Some of them still remember the moves from way back then.

Kiev Metro

I like the metro. It is extreme deep on both sides of the river. It do not  seems to go all the way to Hell, but must have been a hell of a work to go this deep.

There is some hidden gems in the Metro. It is a way of getting civilization to the masses. And still it is very impressive.

And sometimes it is tragic like this poor guy ending his life in a cheap plastic bag. You can see his boots sticking out, because the black plastic is not long enough. Big city lights is always illusive and the metro is just like a micro cosmos of life underground. Sometimes the city eats it’s children, like the revolution.

The Flea market – Vulytsya Verbova  

I like this market a lot. It is filled with thing you have absolutely no use for, but want anyway. I like the old stuff from east block days. We found some wonderful old Lenin busts and some incredible old Soviet Posters. It all depends of the day. There are fixed stores and people just putting stuff on a blanket. You can find pretty much everything. It continues on the other side of the tracks, and on the philosophical side give a little inside in everyday Ukrainian life. 

There are a lot of books and it looks like it would be impossible to find anything.

Russian Bar

This is an interesting bar in Kiev. There is wonderful toilets…;o)

Great grob.  And interior to die for. Definitely my kind of place.

Good for a cold one. And did I say lots and lots of charisma.

Where is Lenin?

Well, there is a big empty space on top of the column.

This is where there was a big Lenin Statue. It was taken down 2013 by an angry mob.,_Kiev

As I can see from the pictures it was a really ugly monument, but never the less I missed this one.


Nice taxi bumper car. Maybe it escaped from the playground

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