Bill Clinton Statue Pristina Kosovo

Kosovo’s Bill Clinton Statue.


On Bill Clinton Boulevard in Pristina Kosovo, there is a statue of Former President Bill Clinton. It is about 3 meters high, made of bronze and is carrying a book with the date 23-03-1999 on it. That made me wonder what Mr. Clinton is doing there. Obviously, this statue must mean something for Kosovo.

NATO started the bomb raids that eventually ended the Kosovo war at 23-03-1999, heavily influenced by Mr. Clinton. The Statue is a token of Kosovo’s Albanian population’s appreciation.

In 2009, Mr. Clinton made it to the Unveiling of himself. He said, “I never expected that anywhere, someone would made such a big statue of me” (quote; The Telegraph)

It is kind of fun to see a statue of a living person. In 2009 he was no longer president.  I am sure he has done god things in his time. But for me and probably most people I remember him mostly for the Monica scandal.

The Statue commemorates a difficult time in history and the formation of Kosovo. One of the newest countries in the world. This means something. Not like in Skopje, where it seems like the city have gone completely monument bonkers with kitschy statues all over the place.

The statue has been controversial. Obviously not all the citizens of Kosovo like it, especially if you are of Serbian decent.

It has been criticised for not looking like Clinton at all. He has for instance exceptional big hands. When I was there somebody has stolen the letters on  the base. And the surroundings are not very inspiriting . I was looking for the Hillary clothes store, that should be close by but I didn’t find it.

Bill deserves to be remembered for his part in ending this civil war. And nice to see his legacy is still living on in Kosovo.