BELARUS – Aleksandr Grigoryevich Lukashenko

Lukashenko – Belarus President and Dictator  

Lukashenko need a whole post for himself, i think. I know this is political incorrect but I kind of think he is great. (And I have to option to leave) You are not operating in areas where spin doctors are defining the opinions of the dictator. He has opinions and are not afraid to express them.  And it is easy to judge coming from a democracy.  In Belarus they have this father figure looking into all, big and small. A kind of big brother is  watching you.  It is a surveillance state, and I am sure, that if it was possible Belarus would still be isolated from the vest,  not to give any ideas about freedom of speech and democracy to Belarusians.

But having been in other dictatorships, I think this is maybe better still than even some democracies I seen.  Everything works. Is is clean and neat and people look pretty content. To put it blank, what good is democracy if you starve….And in this context he just continues the thought of Lenin, that wasn’t a great believer of democracy either. I found two quotes that I will look into.

  • No amount of political freedom will satisfy the hungry masses.
  • A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

Lenin is talking about capitalism. And it is just pure rhetoric. If we turn the rhetoric around and use it on the former soviet state, history shows, that soviet state did not provide for the hungry masses, and one can maybe think, that keeping the population just hungry enough they will preoccupied themselves with finding food instead of pursuing political agendas. Pure Maslowian, where political agendas is a luxury when basic needs are not met. And here the other quote is coming into play. If you tell the population that they are living in the best of all society often enough, they will begin to believe it, In this way Lenin’s quotes are more true that he ever imagined. Freedom of speech and democracy will only make the lie harder to sustain. This is how dictatorship/Communist state works. Only my two cents.

Ben Zand have made a BBC documentary – “Dictatorland” where he in one episode addresses the Belarussian strong man. It is worth seeing if you can find it anywhere.

Lukashenko is famos for saying

“On 4 March 2012, two days after EU leaders (including openly gay German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle) had called for new measures to pressure Lukashenko over alleged human rights abuses in Belarus at a summit in Brussels, Lukashenko provoked diplomatic rebuke from Germany after commenting that it was “better to be a dictator than gay in response to Westerwelle having referred to him as “Europe’s last dictator” during the meeting.” (WIKI)

 If you want to know more about the president of Belarus try

What did you expect, sending half a man to do a mans job. ,o)

After passing by the  circus building there is a huge empty building. It should have been Kempinski Hotel, but there could not be reached consensus between Lukashenko and the investor who where going to manage it. According to rumors, he wanted his son to lead, but the investors didn’t agree. So no hotel….

There was the “Teddy Incident”.

Teddybear Airdrop Minsk 2012 was an aerial event that took place over Belarus on July 4, 2012. An airplane, chartered by the Swedish advertising agency Studio Total, illegally entered the Belarusian airspace on July 4 and parachuted several hundred teddy bears with notes carrying pro-democracy messages. After denying for three weeks that the incident ever took place and calling the footage of the airdrop released by Studio Total a hoax, the Belarus government finally acknowledged on July 26, 2012, that the teddy bear airdrop did happen. (WIKI)

The only thing I can add is a rumor, that the chief of the airforce lost his job after the incident.

So, If you miss with Lukashenko, you get the horn….

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