London Street art

London Graffiti.

It seems like the success of Banksy have done a lot to promote and spread Graffiti all over London. The quality of the work is amazing. I took a couple of picture of the ones I liked the best.

The quality of the work is impressive. And it is far away from teenagers with a stolen spray Cans going mad tagging all over. It is an art form.

England London weekend break

LONDON – Weekend Break

Been To London for 4 days. It was not my choice. I was there with my 17 year old daughter and she had decided that London it is. Been to London a few times, but it is long time ago. London haven’t changed much in the 10 years I haven’t been there. And in many way it has. It is a noisy polluted place. And we both love it.

The National History museum

It is amazing that you can get into “The National History museum” for free. It is a brute of a building and there are so many things to see. The dinosaurs I personally would give the miss. To many people there. And it is slow going. The whale in the admission hall was impressive. The exhibition about the volcanos I think was trying to hard. Wanted to many thing. The animals and insect were amazing.  It is a absolutely worth seeing.

The Imperial War Museum

My choice was the IWM. “The Imperial War Museum”. Being a cheapskate, this is free too.  It is a museum about mostly I. and II. World War. I like the Holocaust exhibition best. It was heart-breaking to see people telling about the hardest time of their lives. The people never got into details, maybe it is in the details all the sorrow is hidden? This made me think of my visit to Auschwitz.

Birkenau and Auschwitz

I have been to Birkenau and Auschwitz. And in many ways it is a peaceful place with birdsong and trees It was hard to think that 1,1 mio. people lives ended there. In 1979 the collection of 110 000 shoes 3 800 suitcases was put on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This raises the discussion of dark tourism. My personal thought is that there is no way you can forget about this. Visiting this site will make you remember. And we do need to  learn from history.  And in Auschwitz there is definitely nothing to laugh about.

Back to the IMW – I think it was a fine museum. Well organised. I liked the spitfire in the sealing. Nice to see one in real life. And did I say It’s free….


For me London is a walking City. It is a way to get a city inside your skin. You have the smells, the fractions of speak, the motor noise and the people. For a pedestrian London is not ideal. Seem to me somebody have prioritised cars over people. Take for instance the light signals. You are waiting for ages for green. And you need to hurry to survive. More than ones we had to run for our lives. Maybe it is a way to deal with overpopulation….o) You can compare the London traffic as a pedestrian like playing Russian roulette. I seems like people are forgetting to be nice most of the time, when they enter a vehicle.


We went to Harrods

I remembered that my old English friend had a hard time understanding that a store is worth seeing. But it is. The food marked have been moved to ground floor. Specially the fish made an impression. But the diversity of food and the interaction between people is interesting. I remember seeing an Arab delegation of woman and children walking on the pavement in front of Harrods with a tail of Harrods employees carrying their purchases.   They were heading to a handfull of  Bentleys. Another time there were a woman playing the harp in one of the room on the ground floor. We liked the Egypt staircase. And was wondering about the lack of prices on the  expensive stuff. Well I guess “If you have to ask, you cannot afford”.


It is a wonderful place if you can say this about a cemetery.

One of England’s greatest treasures

“Highgate Cemetery has some of the finest funerary architecture in the country. It is a place of peace and contemplation where a romantic profusion of trees, memorials and wildlife flourish”(From Website)

It is a nice break from the hustling and bustling of “The Big Smoke”. It is a Victorian cemetery where the headstones and nature is struggling. And it seems like nature is slowly winning.  It is a huge place, even though the West wing was closed for a film set when we were there.  The pièce de résistance is definitely that Karl Marx  is buried here. On the more informative side, sources tells that there were only 11 people attending his funeral. Comparing with his later impact, this is not overwhelming .But it is a wonderful and strange place, and a must see.


Camden marked is great. Haven’t changed much. It is easy to loose yourself for hours. So much stuff to buy.

I would like to recommend “Fish and Chips” from Oliver’s. Chunky Fries, mossy pears and wonderful fish. Have no similarity with the greasy stuff I got in the 80 ‘ties in a newspaper. For me Camden is a place for people watching. It have been a magnet for the alternative for years. It is a place that is struggling with commercialism.  To have the look do not necessarily give food on the table. Sunday is the big day. They will probably close the nearby  tube station when the crowds are getting to much. On the fun side, there was a very tall man with a sign. “Help a hippie to get high”. I though that was hilarious. I also like the t-shirt with the Darth Vader mood swings and the Banksy pillows. It is a funky place. They have a Amy Winehouse statue there. I am not sure she’s been there much, but I think she in many ways is a good ambassador for Camden.


One thing I want to show my daughter is  Wong kei

It is a restaurant in Chinatown. And even though the food is ok it is not the reason to go there. Unfortunately during the years it have changed owner. Before I was a wonderful place with the most rude staff imaginable.  Once a man was standing up complaining that he haven’t got the dish he ordered. The staff of little Chinese made a human chain surrounded him. Pressed him to the door while he was arguing. And out he went.  Before the also had metal mugs and plates. These could make a lot of noise when thrown down on the table. Nowadays it is a more peaceful place. I miss the old staff…..


Well – I am not a shopaholic. But Primark on Oxford street is a great place with great prices and quality. The good thing about it, is there is a café on the top floor. Here I can relax while the daughter is running wild.


Pret is a business concept I really like.  The fresh food concept is much needed elsewhere. We spend a lot of time in Pret. It is a great place tom hang. I like the story about the Pret gardener handling all the avocado’s himself to decide when they are ripe…


For Coffee heads to Costas. Like the Brazilian coffee there. If you order a big latte, you get a cup with two handles. Guess it good when you have hang over?


A day ticket is only about 12 GBP. Think maybe it could be cheaper still with an Oyster card. London get highest marks for the tube system. Fast and efficient. The musicians there are really good. And the acoustics are unbeatable.

Here is a couple of pic I like to share.

Everybody need a little royalty in their life. The hand can move and wave.

Who said MacD don’t have humour. Burger trash talk?

The sign says “You just missed us”

London came as a surprise to Me. It is swinging, it is funky. And it is not as expensive with the weak pound. Even the weather was better than I remembered. The food is wonderful. Bring your best shoes. The combination of walking and tubing is and excellent combination. I regret not taking to many pictures. But in some way it was for me a deja-vu  thing. I am envious on people going there the first time. They are in for a special treat.